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My Friends...

Here's a little page devoted to my friends.... Nearly all my friends are odd in some way, or at least very different... :) I love unique people and tend to attract them. This page will let you see some of them and know what I mean... :)

Attention friends:
If you don't see your name or picture, it's because I don't have a picture for you, and I certainly don't want to blab on and on about someone I can't even show :):) So, send me your picture and I'll add you to the page, love you all!!! :)


This is my best friend in the world, Callista Z. Maris. Some would ask... is this her real name???? How on earth could someone give their daughter a middle name that starts with a 'Z'??? In fact, this is her taken name... It began in another form as an online nickname, or screenname for various chat programs... And took off like wildfire... For the complete details, check out her website, it'll explain it all for you. :) Anyway, she's really cool. Weird, but cool. I think that's what I like about her. She's different. Anyway, we've been best friends since we were 10, so we're practically part of each other's families... :) Even though I don't think she really thinks of herself as part of mine... or would she want to.... but anyway, we're close, that't the point. This is my little spot for her on my webpage. :)
Love ya Z!

This is Steven, he's a new friend, and hopefully we'll get to know each other better and be friends for a long time! :) It's funny how you can live so near someone and never know them until you make a friend through a friend. :) Thanks BEEBE!

Hey! This is my friend little Eric :) (on the left, I'm not sure who the other guy is....) He's a really nice guy, fun to be around. Eric isn't as strange as the others, but different, of course... and just like Arby's says... Different is good!

Here's Rick! He's beautiful, entertaining, and fun! This guy is so much fun to go shopping with. He'll make sure you know if you look like a cow in something new, because he knows his cows! (chickens, too.... or is it just cocks?) Tee hee... :)

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