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Welcome to my first, one and only web page. You can learn all about me, read my poetry, see my pictures, my hobbies and my friends... This is very much a work in progress and changes frequently, so bookmark me and come back!


I now have, for your convenience, added frames and tables and removed the junk from my welcome page! So, welcome is now simply welcome, and this is where I'll keep you posted on any of my updates! Please sign my guestbook, or send me some



Updates as of 8/9/02:

Well, I've done it... I've finally figured out how to make frames all on my own with HTML!! That's right, that means my webpage now has a stationary column on the left side for ease of navigation. My newest project since mastering the frames is making a webpage for my friend and yours, Miss Israel LaShore Martin. But keep in mind, it's a work in progress.... I'll let you know when everything is finished! Additionally, I'm creating a webpage for another friend of mine, Miss Cherlye Teaseman. Furthermore, I've learned all about tables. You'll find that the frame on the left side of the page is completely made up of a table. Very soon my photographs will be inserted into frames ~ Also for ease of use. :) That's all for today, Ta Ta for now. :)

Updates as of 8/5/02:

See the newest part of my webpage where I showcase my lifelong dream and newest developing talent, the expression of my other self, Miranda Martin's spot, now ready and available for your admiration. :)
In addition to adding many links to my webpage, I have also added a page just for links (that's where you'll find them all, the ones that were here and all the new ones), visit "My favorite Links!" to see the webpages of my friends and my new family and others.

That's it for now, keep checking back for more updates and more changes and additions. I'm working to make this the best work I've done on the web! Thanks for stopping by!

Visit my favorite bookstore in the whole world (with the exception of Waterstones in the UK, which is very similar), and former employer....

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