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In Love

                 The soft touch of your scent
                 reaching into me
                 So many times I've been
                 near you and memorized
                 your touch,
                 your hair and how it feels
                 and smells as I run
                 my fingers through it
                 along your body
                 as you hold me,
                 kiss me,
                 kiss my neck and my lips
                 I taste the sweetness
                 of your flavor and the
                 texture, the smooth, soft
                 feeling of your
                 your body holds mine so
                 well, we fit so close,
                 as puzzle pieces, we
                 are two, but we share
                 one soul
                 one soul and one heart
                 one that beats so strong
                 no mortal or even
                 god could separate,
                 this is our dream,
                 our life


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