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Welcome to My favorite Links!

Below you'll find the links to my friends webpages, my "new family's" webpages, and others. The links are listed in the order that I added them to my webpage, no favoritism is practiced! :) If you are a member of any of the aforementioned groups and you have a webpage that I'm not linked to, send me an email to let me know and include your web address!! I'd be more than happy to add it. If you get lost among these links and don't find your way back here, thanks for enjoying my site and have fun with the others!!

Callista's Universe

Stefan's new website
Sorry, kids, this one is broken for now, I'm trying to get a new link for my German boy's webpage.

Fantasy Can Be Reality

Hugs & Kisses by Israel LaShore Martin

Amy's web profile

Zimmers Restaurant & Bar
This is humorous

That's all I have for now, thanks for taking a look. Just a side note, I do endorse every single one of these webpages, their beliefs, contents, and subject matter, as they are all in some way a part of my life. Anything that is important to someone I consider a close friend or family member deserves my support and I want them all to know they have it. :) I love you all and am proud to know every one of you.
Keep checking back for more updates and links, I post them as I find and/or am given them! :)

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