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Lonely Embrace

Even in your arms I feel
loneliness creeping,
creeping up on me
and I continue weeping.

I know you're here
and I feel your body
but I can't help but hear
your silent aching for another body.

Someone that isn't me...
And even though I love you,
I can't set you free.
Even together, we are not two.

I am one alone, alone
and scared and cold,
You are one alone, alone
and still yearning to be bold.

So until you find your feet, your way,
You are here with me.
As much as it pains you, until that day,
You will stay with me.

And so, here we are,
two together, but seperately alone,
so close embraced, yet apart, so far...
And my heart cries, sobs a silent moan.

Because I know, no matter how I try,
(all my efforts dead, may God try with me)
Someday you'll gather strength and fly
to your beloved, but you'll always be with me.

In my heart, my mind, my dreams...
My sore, bleeding heart, crying,
crying, and deafeningly silent screams
will echo though the memories of my trying.

And though you know my pain, my pain...
Your overwhelming happiness prevails
I sit alone, hoping, praying I will regain
my ability to love, even someone else.

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