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Welcome to my first, one and only web page. I would appreciate comments or suggestions at . You can learn all about me, read my poetry, get an idea of what kinds of music I like, books I appreciate, and people that I get along with. It's been quite a while since my last update, so here I go again... an attempt, anyway. :) Enjoy, remember to sign the guestbook, Thanks... David.

Miranda Martin's spot :)

All About Meee!!!

My friends and stuff :)

Read my Poetry!

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Updates as of 8/5/02:

See the newest part of my webpage where I showcase my lifelong dream and newest developing talent, the expression of my other self, Miranda Martin's spot, now ready and available for your admiration. :)
In addition to adding many links to my webpage, I have also added a page just for links (that's where you'll find them all, the ones that were here and all the new ones), visit "My favorite Links!" to see the webpages of my friends and my new family and others.

Attention Brittany Sebastian:

I have put a new picture of you above your link on my "Miranda Martin's Spot" page, let me know what you think!

That's it for now, keep checking back for more updates and more changes and additions. I'm working to make this the best work I've done on the web! Thanks for stopping by!

Visit my favorite bookstore in the whole world (with the exception of Waterstones in the UK, which is very similar), and former employer....

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