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Untitled II

Musing me you say
I want you here with me."

Always at your side,
I hide.
Fearful of losing you.

Now, thinking of you,
You never leave my mind.

For you my heart beats,
Saying "it's all for you."

Everything I do,
for you.
Everything forever.

Always all for you,
I love you,
        I love you.

But the end is near,
I fear.
You've said to me it's done.

And I loved you,
My heart will beat no more.

Took it all from me-
you're free.
Have your life and leave me.

Could I believe all
and fall-
Fall from your loving arms?

Could I believe you-
(you're cruel)
And lose my dream of life?

Always all for you-
I loved you...
        I loved you.

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