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Untitled V

                               The raindrops
                               - no teardrops
                               falling from the sky
                               - in my eyes...
                               To me they seem
                               - no they are
                               To signify
                               - to defy
                               The love growing
                               - the blood flowing
                               in my heart
                               - from my life
                               into a world large
                               - and too large for
                               being unknown.

                               But you know
                               - the love in me
                               how I feel
                               - hurts me more
                               and how I see
                               - than I know
                               all that you know
                               - than you know
                               and feel more
                               - and I feel more
                               love and admiration
                               - jealous and
                               after every second
                               - zealous
                               that goes by.

                               What of you
                               - what about me
                               what do you
                               - how do you
                               feel and think
                               - think I feel
                               about how we
                               - conflicting and then
                               love and lust
                               - they come between us
                               each other
                               - and even others
                               and then cry
                               - feel our tears
                               forever endlessly.

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